Bratty Bunny - Foot Puppy

I walk into a waiting a room where you are sat reading a magazine. I proceed to sit close to you and start noticing that you stare at my feet. I decide to tease you since I'm such a bratty tease. I tell you my feet are sore and hurt from these high wedges. I flaunt my wedges close to your face to show you where the pain is. You can't resist it anymore so you drop to your knees in front of me and next to my feet. I take off my shoes and shove them into your face. I demand that you lick the bottom and the inside of my wedges. You're a foot d o g now. I sneer at you. I expose my bare soles and shove them in your face. I tell you to worship properly the feet and the wedges of Your mistress and to bark to show I am a happy foot d o g. From too much excitement, you accidentally slightly bite my shoes and my bare soles. It gets me angry so I beat you proper with my shoes and feet. I tell you to clear the ground like I would tell a d o g.
10 minutes, 40 seconds
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