Princess Mackayla

Time for another foot worship session. My sexy deep, dark blue pedi is so gorgeous and looks amazing on My tan little toes. My pink, soft soles make it so easy to seduce you and lure you into a deeper addiction. Ever since you first saw My feet, you've been My little foot bitch. Utterly...
August 4, 2018
Fast, slow. Stop, go. All at the command of Me and My perfect feet. Let's face it, you need another foot JOI clip from Me like you need air to breath. Just buy it and beat for My feet.
July 17, 2018
I just got home from shopping and getting My nails done. This new pedi is SOOO cute so I just had to slip off My sexy loubs and let you worship.
February 18, 2018
Being a loser isn't so bad when you have this view. you just enjoy being ignored at My perfect feet.
January 14, 2018
Like My sexy hot pedi? Wanna have a nice, lengthy, teasing JOI session? Of course you do!
November 23, 2017
Worship My flats. Lust for My dirty Feet. Listen to My sexy voice telling you to stroke. I know that you can't resist My dirty foot fetish talk.
November 18, 2017
I know how horny Feet make you. you seem to instantly start pumping your dick when you see a sexy pair of soles. Well, today I'm going to test your restraint. I'm going to give you a sexy foot tease with all the jerk off instruction you need BUT there is a twist.. you can't stroke...
October 25, 2017
This is more than a fetish for you. Every thought revolves around My feet. They consume you. It's not just a turn on that comes around when you're horny and stops when you cum. No, you think about My feet constantly. you live for them. you are a 100% foot addict and you always will be. I...
September 12, 2017
My feet are everything to you. They make you weak, horny, obedient and did I mention HORNY? you are just so devoted to My feet and can't miss out on any chance I give you to worship them. So do what you do best and worship and stroke.
August 30, 2017
You love My feet so much.. you can't help but stroke when you see them but today, you're going to do it My way. My feet are going to conduct your cock. When They go up, your hand goes up your dick. When They go down, your hand goes down. Simple enough? Sit back and enjoy this sensual JOI...
August 9, 2017