Lindsey Leigh

I love showing off my feet. They are so cute and perfect. I remember before I knew how perfect they were this industry was calling me. It said, foot boys need your feet Lindsey. Men need to jerk their cocks for you, help them. Well here I am boys, now start worshipping. I wrinkle my soles while...
October 18, 2018
Lindsey on cam again, showing off her perfect soles.
Categories: Foot Tease
August 4, 2018
Lindsey is on cam teasing everyone with her soles and giving jerk off instructions
April 13, 2018
My foot fans have not gotten a glimpse of how captivating I can be. I know you all are devote worshippers, but I really want to test your loyalty. See how long you can last for me.. I tease you with my feet until I decide to go topless. I am feeling so sexy today I just can not contain myself, I...
October 25, 2017
Honey I just got home from a bachelorette party and I heard so many stories! Do you know that our friends husband has a foot fetish and rubs her feet after the club, meals and any other event she wears heels too. I can't believe that, can you? To be honest it sounded really hot to me. When she...
October 21, 2017
There is nothing more erotic than your perfect woman encouraging your deepest desires and fetishes. I know you are a foot fetishist, but not just any foot will do for you. The feet you seek must be perfect from heel to toe. Only the best heels, highest arches, longest toes will do for you. Once you...
October 12, 2017
It is such a simple task, fall in love with my feet. Its so easy to become infatuated with my soft white soles. Look at them, are you already feeling weak? My feet are the most beautiful feet you will ever lay your eyes on. Keep staring. Falling more for them? Keep falling. I want you to hit a...
September 12, 2017
Why should I be addressing you when its your job to worship and jerk to my feet. Just do it and move on perv! Video contains- no music, no sound. favorite playlist recommended.
Categories: Foot Ignore, Foot Tease
August 25, 2017
You can not resist my feet. I do not know why you act like you are so scared of me or that you want to escape my feet. I know you have a foot obsession, every time you see my feet you feel weak. You can try all you want to suppress and run from this feeling but you'll always find yourself...
Categories: Foot Domination
August 14, 2017
My feet are so rough these days, I really need a pedicure. Want to know a secret? I use baby oil to keep my feet extra soft between pedicures. Today I decided to let you drool over my daily routine.
July 25, 2017