Kerri King

Time to sniff, worship, and clean my beautiful Goddess feet. Aren't you delighted? I'm too busy and frankly, self involved, to give my precious feet a wipe down, so I let you lick them clean after I trample my floor, leaving them pristine and flawless as usual. You love being at my feet,...
March 9, 2018
I am fresh from the gym, and I know you are focused on nothing more than my beautiful, but stinky feet....I instruct you to get below me, where you will enjoy each layer...sneakers, dirty socks, and freshly sweaty bare feet! Suck, smell, and savor each are fortunate to be at my feet!
November 10, 2017
Today you get two minutes of my time, so I advise making it count. You have 2.5 minutes to get your pervy little dick off to my beautiful feet, and then *poof* you need to disappear. I'm such a generous mistress for you today, and you are so unworthy. I'll make sure to shove these...
October 6, 2017