Charlotte Stokely

You’re a little foot pervert that loves thinking of ultimate ruination under my feet. Are you scared that after watching this clip, you will be tempted to actually ruin everything you are for my feet? Stroke your cock and decide if you want to buy this clip and take that chance that you will be...
March 7, 2018
Legs, Legs, Legs for days. Oh and I know how much you love worshiping my designer shoes too! Why dont you settle in with a cocktail and stroke your cock to the visual splendor of my bare feet! But first lick the sole of my sexy high heel shoes. Lick, lick, lick and worship me on your knees. Oh and...
September 13, 2017
My feet are more important than your whole life. Stroke your cock and just look at them. Now that your cock is hard and you are in love with my feet, you should easily agree to pay me! Pay for each foot, each toe and every time I say so in this video!
August 15, 2017