I just got back from the gym and my sweaty socks and feet need some air. I bet you can't wait to see what my perfect barefeet look and smell like right now. In fact, while I'm working my muscles out at the gym all you can think about is whether or not I like my feet played with. Go on...
May 28, 2018
On the floor beneath me, you crave my freshly gym worn sneakers to be rubbed in your face..and of course to jerk. I work you over and over, making you jerk and stop, slowly peeling off my sneakers and then my that I leave you with my bare feet just out of reach. As you sniff each layer...
May 12, 2018
Jess is the HOTTEST girl at college and of course in the most popular clique. She has got far in life ALL down to her beautiful looks so hasn't had to do ANY sort of strenuous studios and today is no exception. She invites the college nerd over to 'help with her homework'. You are...
Girl: Jess West
May 6, 2018
I know you're happy to see my big size 10 feet in these socks and my long legs. You're rock hard for them already. You just want to stick your face right in there and take a good whiff of these scented socks. Go ahead and inhale and tell me how good they smell. Now you're even harder...
Girl: Lady Bell
May 6, 2018
You will be of use to my perfect feet covered in a pair of cute nylon ankle socks. One look and you are hooked. My socks begin teasing your cock as I encourage you to stroke. Spend and stroke as you spiral into your foot addiction with Princess Fierce!
April 23, 2018
Special Mistress removes her dusty socks and wants you to lick her bare feet. Tell about the taste of her sweaty bare soles. Enjoy the great time to a young alternative mistress!
Categories: Foot Tease, Socks
April 13, 2018
You are Maria's foot bitch and it is time to please her. She wants you to start by licking and kissing those sexy black boots of hers. Yes, get all of the dirt off of them and into your filthy bitch mouth!! Now when she takes them off, you must immediately start worshipping every last inch of...
February 18, 2018
As I sit in front of you, I kick off my slip ons. I give you the middle finger and call you a foot freak. Then I slip off my socks and show off my dirty soles. I tell you that I love making you pay to worship my filthy soles. Showing off my legs and feet, I call you my puppy.
January 19, 2018
BRANDON is home from a long day out! As she walks in fully dressed wearing long sleeved shirt, straight legged blue jeans, with her hottest and SWEATIEST FLATS and tight fitting SOCKS. BRANDON puts her FEET up in her SHOES right away talking about how much her FEET are SWEATING in her FLATS and...
January 16, 2018
Come and look at and smell my sweaty smelly feet after 2hr session at gym you pathetic little freak. If you ask nicely and beg enough i just might let you buy my trainers and sock........for a price of course!!
January 9, 2018