If you are already a Kayla Jane Danger addict, this video will only solidify your addiction and make you a drooling slave. If you have yet to lay your eyes on this Goddess get ready because you will never look at another ! (please note the bottom link should be ) Just one look and you know you...
October 12, 2018
Feet, feet, and more Goddess feet. Walking and teasing in high stiletto heels, slipping them off oh-so-slowly.. Then giving you the best up-close HD foot worship experience with my toes and soles! Bright red polish top top it all off.
Categories: Foot Tease, Heels
October 12, 2018
Ashley is a Goddess, A Princess, a beautiful & Dominant Woman, you can tell by the look on her face that she is made to be worshiped, and she almost can't be bothered with your existence, so you should feel especially lucky to watch her in a latex dress, stripping out of it showing off her...
July 19, 2018
How many stroke will it take you to cum? Let's find out.
July 19, 2018
Jamie gets home from work wearing her black high heels all day. She sit on her sofa and turns you on by taking her heels off and putting her size 6.5 feet in your face. You will fall in love with her feet.
Categories: Foot Tease, Heels
July 17, 2018
Being a famous porn star has a lot of interesting moments. But one of the things that some guys like is my feet. They tell me all the naughty things they want to do with my feet. They would even worship my shoes and buy me more shoes. Take a good look at my shoes and feet oh and make sure you have...
May 12, 2018
I've seen you staring at me when I go outside to get the mail. Our houses are right across from each other, you think I don't notice you peeking out your window? Who's that frumpy girl who's always with you... is it your clingy sister? I want to know, so naturally I invite...
April 29, 2018
You are my coworker and always sit just a few feet away from me. I already have noticed how you stare at me all the time. You never notice because you are fixated on my feet. Today they are extra dirty and that has you drooling a little bit. HAHA. Today I decide to say something and Im glad I did...
April 10, 2018
My boss is so incompetent. I've been putting up with him for YEARS. I noticed something is a little off about him though... he really seems to like feet. Not just, "hey that's a cute new pedi, Marie, how festive!" More like, "Your feet are sexy." Who says that? I...
April 7, 2018
You love My perfect, sexy and slender size 10 feet. My entire body is in the frame... My beautiful face, my long legs and yet all you are fixated on are My feet. These heels I am wearing must be such a tease to you. You are so excited, anxiously awaiting to see My bare feet. You know, I think it is...
March 27, 2018